Wednesday, August 15, 2012

 Suckerpunch Town Summer 2012 release! 

Welcome to Suckerpunch Town. Dodd Ferrelleʼs new record, his 10th full length album and 4th release on Two Sheds Music label. Suckerpunch Town is a spillover from the “Hide the World” sessions. At first “Hide the World” was going to be a double album, but as time passed it was apparent that there were two separate records in the sessions. Hide the World, a pop/rock record, was released in September 2011 and was noted to be “by far the best album I have listened to in ten years" by Beth with RAPID RIVER MAGAZINE. 

Now we find ourselves in Suckerpunch Town. Suckerpunch Town is a more stripped down, raw acoustic based/americana record that reveals the harsh realities that can shadow a life. Dodd pulls no punches on this release opening himself up and letting us all in to his spiritual wonder at the human condition. Because of this, SPT should effect you in one way or another. The album is a collection of tracks from the HTW sessions, new songs recorded in Doddʼs home studio ( Carriage on the Hill studios ) and a few acoustic re-workings of some recent and past favorites. While SPT does not possess the big studio production of Hide The World, the songs are still there and in all their stripped down, raw glory they make you feel right at home in Suckerpunch Town. 

Stay tuned!!!! Suckerpunch Town marks the 3rd and last solo record from Dodd since A Carriage on the Hill 2001. His new band ( to be named soon ) is in the studio with David Barbe recording a full length collaborative effort due in early 2013.