Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Dodd Ferrelle Interview (Suckerpunch Town)

by Sean Polite on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 5:36pm ·
For those of you not in the know, Dodd Ferrelle is a music man with an ever-increasing range of talents, collaborations, projects, instrumental prowess, and renown.

Here is an interview I did with him on the eve of the official release of the music video for the title track of his latest album, "Suckerpunch Town"  It is inspired by the city of Athens, where Dodd is a native performer to.  The song and video poke at the roughage of an enchanting and eerie fast like akin to the musical madness of the Classic City.

A songwriter at heart, you'll hear about his influences in pop, rock, classical, and other fields.  Unafraid to swoop with many to the angelic utterances of Andrea Bocelli, nodding his head to the Fab Four of Liverpool

We did the interview at his own Carriage On The Hill Studios, a coven of a recording facility with the right touches of home.  You'll hear about how his wife's earnest love, artistic merit and surprising grit laid the foundation for the 3-year old creative mecca.

Plucking from an invisible stream of words to capture fine pieces of life's emotional rollercoaster, Dodd proudly pens the bars on his albums.  A sparkling assist from frequent collaborator Betsy Franck brought a simple but sweet hook of a touch to what is a simply marvelous product in the Suckerpunch Town LP.

Appreciative of the spectrum of sound creation, he is times a pop singer, the rock upstart.  For Suckerpunch, he discuss his leap into an impuse to dive into the roots and soul of country and folk tunes.  Never methodical but instinctive is his leap from style to style.

He also has an ear to the world of children's music, knowing a recent project that's swept a wide fanbase, starting with the sweet gesture of a precocious, fun loving pair of hands.

He's available for booking and recording sessions (and gives great note to Chase Park Transduction Studios, where some of Suckerpunch Town was recorded)

Lastly, the video will be touching down, and you'll see me (amongst a tight knit group of fellow local theater performers and sound aces) make a direct hit of cameo in the video.

Please enjoy the interview, and spread the word on Mr. Dodd Ferelle, a denizen possessed of extremely rare opportunity in life's "Suckerpunch Town"